This is a homegrown concept that presents a positive alternative the dis-illussion confusion and frustration that is the backdrop of everyday life for a large number people, especially Black youth and the migration immigrant and asylum seekers.

The Man in the Cap Boot and Mac originated in an earlier time 1980’swhen there was a lot of tension on the streets. Riots in majors cities all over UK.

Webby Jay Brixton.. pioneer on the frontier of Music Co-ops Youth projects, workshops and steering groups etc.

Went on a mission to explore and spread the vibe of POSITIVITY. Bringing a new Idea and Identity. “Ready Come Rain Come Shine” With the definition and acronym “Better Rights In Xtra Terrestral Order Now.” Webby Jay states its not just asking for right but moving right. It developed and compounded into a many shows and spin offs.

The “Mission” travelled across Europe France, Holland, Israel and also involved in exchange programme in Los Angeles. Webby was invited recently to headline Ghana Independence (year)

Webby Jay well matured musician has been as he states “ In the Blackground too long. A message in the music and projecting a positive image to elevate bring a new energy and awareness of self.

Have you picked up a large stone or rock and become aware of a lifeform you never would have imagined existed.

This is the concept that relates and brings about those new possibilities.